The White House, Email and You

White House Email

All political views aside…  what can you learn about email marketing from the White House?

A lot.

One thing you have to say for the Obama Administration is that they KNOW how to harness the power of the web to communicate their message.

What has that got to do with you and your empire?

Well – here is the deal – If you have a web site or blog you are probably doing everything you can to get traffic and visitors to come and behold your stuff and become, you know – a paying customer.

The bad news is even if you have the best dang (insert your thing/service here) most first time visitors are not going to become a customer.

Not trying to crush your hopes and dreams – just giving it to you straight.

Fortunately there is still hope… there is something you can do.

If your offer is quality good – and your sales copy is reasonably well crafted, your gonna make  some sales –

BUT – and this is a big but – what if you were to somehow capture those visitor’s who didn’t buy – and offer them multiple more opportunities to learn about your offer?

Then you have stumbled onto one of the biggest secrets that *every* successful internet marketing guru and yes even the White House knows…

The Power Of Follow-Up Email Marketing

By capturing the email address of those who have come to see you ( and by “capture” I mean induce them to voluntarily opt-in to your mailing list) you can then, in a much more intimate way build a relationship with them.

The truth is that can take 3, 5, 10 or more follow-ups before some folks will take the plunge and trust you with their business.

Those new folks that you added to you buyer’s list would not exist if you didn’t have system in place capture and follow up with.

This is the power of  email marketing and why it will continue to smash Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social media.

…or any other traffic for that matter.

You are no longer waiting on what ever traffic source(s) to send you visitors.

Imagine being able to send out an email to your list, and get instant traffic to where ever you want it to go.

People that already know you – that you have been building trust with…

That is why “they” say “The money, is in your list!”

How do I grow that kind of list you ask?

By offering value and quality information to them. If you are just going to hurl offers continuously at your people, you will not have a list for very long.

I’ll be sharing some of the best advice from top marketers and list builders that I have found.

So – The first step is to have something in place to do the “capture” part.

Save yourself the headache of finding a decent service and choose the one that 107,000 businesses, nonprofits and agencies trust (including yours truly).

The company is called AWeber, and they have been killing it in the auto-responder arena since 1998.

Whether you’re a local brick-and-mortar business or an online company, you can use email to send subscribers directly to your website or business for a speedy purchase.

Email allows you to reach more people for less, and the return can be exponential.

72 percent of respondents to an Econsultancy survey in early 2011 described email’s return on investment as excellent or good.

In addition to providing a high return on investment, AWeber provides the tools so you don’t have to hire an expensive design firm or copywriter.

And many parts of an email campaign are automated; it practically runs itself.

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