If This Doesn’t Work I Am Doomed.

If this doesn’t work I am doomed.

How can anything good come from trying to live out of that kind of pressure?

And yet…

That is how many approach new ventures they wish to start.

If you are looking for a miracle, a hail mary pass, a come on lucky seven – momma needs a new pair of shoes kind of start…

It’s probably going to fail to meet that kind of expectation.


Because failure is part of the process.

Do those long shots actually work?


That’s why we do them.

But the real successes we experience come from not giving up when it doesn’t work the first time we press the launch button.

Failure is part of the process.

It is what we do at the failure points that determine if we will succeed.

So how will the shining new year that stands before you be different than the one now behind you?

Change your mind.

Give yourself permission to fail.

Don’t operate out of desperation.

Even if you are desperate.

Learn from the mistakes that you made from the previous years.

And even if you don’t score the touchdown, at least you can move the ball further down the field.

If you do that, you will succeed –

Failures and all…

I’m working on some new tutorials for you about getting things started online.

These will lay the foundation that you can build upon to get to the places you want to be.

I can tell you right now that this is not going to be for everyone.

It may not even be for you.


Cause you will have to do things you may have never done before and that is scary.

Because it will involve being willing to fail to move forward.

It will require you to invest time and thought.

And some money.

yep… it will not be free.

There will be “free” stuff, but there will be expenses as well.

So  – there it is.

That’s it for now.

In the mean time – take a breath…

and know that this year is going to be one of moving forward in your hopes and dreams.

Your fellow dreamer

Jack Ball

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