Engage Your People With Stories

Who doesn’t love a good story?

We are drawn into stories.

It is hardwired into our beings. The greatest teachers and visionaries have communicated their ideas wrapped in the words of a story.

It can be as simple as a story picture that illustrates our point or full blown tale that has you on the edge of your seat.

Why is this so effective?

  • People will remember what you say longer
  • They will re-tell your story to others
  • Difficult to understand concepts can be explained or at least understood by attaching it to a more easily understood story

I think that is why TED Talks are so popular.

I tweeted this link out a few days ago that was a fascinating look at two individuals preparing for their TED talk.

What exactly has this to do with you and your business?

Stories engage the people you are talking to. 

They will be more likely to listen to you…

…and if they are listening – you have the chance of offering them your solutions to the problems or pain points they have.

Start telling the story of your products and services and watch your response rate go UP!