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Who Is Jack Ball and How Can He Help Me Improve My Business Sales Using * Internet Marketing * Email * Direct Response Advertising and * Copywriting Even If I Have Never Written An Ad or Sold Anything From Advertising Before?

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ey – thanks for taking a second and visiting this page.

Besides being the tech guy and shipping department for The Wife’s eBay & Amazon business, I am fascinated by Direct Response Marketing and Copywriting.

Together my wife and I have been selling stuff online since early 1999. We have sold over 10,000 individual items on eBay alone.

(whew…that is a lot of dang packing and shipping now that I think about it)

I also actually enjoy Futzing around with Code and Web Design.

It is a love/hate relationship really. (If you have ever messed about with code – you know what I’m talking about!)

Over the years I’ve designed and launched sites for senators, legislators and judges, sites for cafes, authors and artists, accountants, ministries and churches.

All over the board…

Having yourself a web site is just one component in your marketing empire. If you build it, they will come – ain’t exactly so…trust me on this.

It will always comes back to marketing. That is where the magic happens.

Don’t get me wrong, having and controlling your own web sites is critical step one. It puts you in the driver’s seat of your online presence and marketing. It opens the door to some very powerful options for you.

That’s why I am constantly mining through the writings, training and teachings of marketing masters from decades past and present.

There are certain ones I have read over and over again…

Claude Hopkins
Eugene Schwartz
John Caples
David Ogilvy
Dan Kennedy
Seth Godin

The things that makes them stand out –

  • they know what they are talking about because they have tested it…
  • they have put into print many of their best secrets and findings…
  • when you apply what they teach – it actually works!

It’s like you have a secret treasure map with a dotted line leading you to a great big X for where the gold is!

By applying these principles to what we were doing (or sometimes STOPPING something that seemed like a good idea at the time) brought huge results.

Breakthroughs That Put More Money In Our Bank…
(Using These Secrets Can Work For You Too)

Little systems that turned around aspects of our business that were yielding nothing (or worse – costing us money) to bringing in profit.

Small tweaks to things that brought big impact, consistent profit streams and helped us sleep better at night!

For example, by doing a simple technique learned from David Ogilvy we were able to sell books in a marketplace that had tons of competition (people selling the same exact book) for higher than anyone else… even though others were offering it at 80% less.

Or applying Claude Hopkins’ tracking system to discover advertising that actually produced results and identify the ones doing nothing – by adding this painless step to our advertising we multiplied our sales…(without spending an additional cent on advertising).

By applying an unbelievably simple change that Dan Kennedy recommended I increased the profit I was making in my Web Design business by 100% without adding more work. (This one amazed me!)

I Stopped Believing My Business Was Different…

If you’re thinking that these techniques and marketing strategies will only work for OTHER types of businesses and not yours, well – that would be wrong.

Heck – I used to think way that myself.

As Dan Kennedy is fond of saying – If your bottom line depends on attracting MORE customers or clients…and KEEPING them so they’ll do business with you over and over again…then this IS for you. And last I checked, that covers 99.99% of businesses.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger a lawyer a dentist a hair stylist or taxi driver. If you’re a butcher, baker or candlestick maker – we are all selling something to someone.

You Can Have An Almost Unfair Advantage

Imagine knowing the time tested tools of sales principles and persuasion that could boost your success rate… simple but effective sales strategies that you can add to what you are already doing… it would almost be an unfair advantage.

The truth about these secrets is that very few of your competitors know about them let alone are using them.

This isn’t magic beans or some kind of voodoo from the guru of the week – it is foundational stuff that will work for you today, tomorrow and for years to come, it is future proof…

(Of course your product or service has to be great. You can put lipstick on a pig – but it’s still a pig after all.)

Claude Hopkins went so far as to say that his advertising methods could be refined down to a repeatable “scientific” formula. He laid out the tested secrets in his book “Scientific Advertising”.

Even though this book was published in 1926, David Ogilvy said that “Nobody should be allowed to have anything to do with advertising until he has read this book seven times.”

For years, I have been gathering up this kind of information like a squirrel collecting nuts getting ready for winter…and I’m going to start sharing it here with you.

However… I’m not going to just share them with everyone. Nope.

If you want the good stuff, you are going to have to raise your hand by getting on my list. It’s simple as that. I will be publishing some stuff here on the blog but there will always be more stuff that I will only talk about to those who subscribe to my Insiders List.

You will discover the secrets of how-to sell your stuff using Internet Marketing * Email * Direct Response Advertising and * Copywriting even if you have never written an ad or sold anything from advertising before!

It costs you nothing to subscribe, but you will get priceless info…many things you can act on right away.

You will get the distilled teachings of some of the greatest minds in marketing!

This isn’t a spam list that you will get blasted with all kinds of nonsense. You’ll be on my personal list. I will treat you with respect but give it to you straight… So – just drop your name and email into the box below and I’ll take care of the rest!

Remember – Just one idea could change everything!

To your success.